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Care and Expectations

Care instructions



Just like you, and anything else that has hair, it sheds. This is the nature of using something with hair. No matter where you purchase your leather cowhide from, it will always shed. The parts that get more use will show wear sooner, such as the side that rubs against your hip. This is a natural process when carrying a beautiful cowhide hair on bag. If this is a side effect that you would not like, cowhide is not the best option for you. If this is something you are okay with, congratulations! You got yourself a one of a kind genuine product that NO ONE in the world has. Carry it with care and love


Wooden Beaded Fringe

If your purse has wood beaded fringe you MUST show it extra love and care at all times. These beads are not string beads for a reason, when they are snagged they will not entirely unravel and fall everywhere. But, if this type of beading gets snagged on something the wiring will come undone separating your fringe into two, or even more pieces. This is fixable but is a huge pain to reattach and you may lose pieces in the process so I cannot stress enough to be careful. When you sit your purse down somewhere do not pull it directly upward when picking it up as you never know what it has gotten caught on. Instead lightly pull it forward to make sure it hasn't grabbed anywhere, and then pick it up. I personally snagged mine on the seat of my chair, after placing it on my car floorboard. Theyll get stuck in the unlikeliest of places and sadly I only learned to be careful AFTER the headache of the first snag. Do yourself a favor and baby your baby!! If you do snag your beads please reach out via email so I can talk you through how to reattach if you cannot figure it out. You will need some pliers and all pieces. If you lost a piece this will affect the looks of your outcome! I do not at this time offer repair services.

Leather Products are hand made and are not free from imperfections. Hand painting will not be perfect and will have imperfections. Leather is all tooled by hand and may have imperfections. Please do not order if you will not be satisfied with imperfections associated with handmade products.